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Do you want to feel connected to neighbors? Are you looking for a low-maintenance home in Northwest Arkansas with green space and not a lot of traffic outside your window? Do you crave a more caring, supportive, safe, and connected place to live? A wonderful solution for you might be a “pocket neighborhood” like HARMONY to free you up to experience your life.

Neighbor connection

What Is A Pocket Neighborhood?

Pocket neighborhoods, like HARMONY, are made up of small clusters of houses in urban, suburban, and rural settings in which homes are arranged around a shared common area and no exterior landscaping maintenance for the homeowner.

Diverse Community
Community living

The closeness created in these communities encourages interaction among neighbors and is perfect for people seeking a stronger sense of community than is found in a conventional neighborhood.

While houses are generally closer together, they’re designed to ensure privacy with careful use of window placement, individual gates, or gardens that designate private spaces. With parking located behind house, it encourages residents to interact as they walk through the common area to get to their front doors.

Connection & Safety

Pocket neighborhoods are ideal communities for people in many different stages of life. They offer a safe and supportive neighborhood within a close-knit community. Homebuyers can enjoy a place where it’s easy to find a helping hand, make connections with neighbors, and form bonds — everything is closer and cozier.

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